MSES Solutions distributes the following Power Analytics™ products in Australia and New Zealand.

Paladin® DesignBase™ Software:

Paladin® DesignBase™ is an Electrical System Design and Simulation Software Platform which is used to model the Power Systems.

Paladin® DesignBase Xi™:

Paladin® DesignBase Xi™ is the Cloud version of Paladin® DesignBase™ Software.

Paladin® DesignView™:

Paladin® DesignView™ is a real-time scientific visualization software tool that lets users easily create detailed dashboards that provide up-to-the millisecond detail about their power infrastructure performance.

Paladin® Gateway™:

Paladin® Gateway™ is a Power System data integration platform and the system that allows anything-to- anything connectivity between electrical energy monitoring and management systems from major vendors.

Paladin® Live™:

Paladin® Live™is a Power System Analytics solution to give the organization unprecedented new levels of power system reliability, manageability, and energy management.

Paladin® Solar:

Power Analytics™ Paladin® Solar is a programmatic solution for the design, modeling and control of photovoltaic (PV) arrays that embraces two distinct applications for better performing, higher penetration photovoltaic generation plants.

Paladin® White Space Management (WSM)™:

Paladin® WSM integrates facilities and IT technology to improve the management of Power, Space, and Cooling – three areas that have historically been difficult to get right in the white space area of the data center.

Paladin® Microgrid Power Management Systems™:

Paladin® Microgrid Power Management System™ is the software platform designed specifically for the online management and control of next-generation “hybrid” power infrastructure incorporating both traditional utility power and on-premise power generation, e.g., solar power, wind turbines, battery storage.


EnergyNet is the software that will leverage today’s sophisticated communications technology to host the New Energy Marketplace.

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