MSES Solutions distributes the following EasyPower™ products in Australia.

EasyPower™ Suites:

The EasyPower™ product suites delivers a full lineup of powerful Windows® based electrical software tools. for intelligently designing, analysing, and monitoring electrical power systems.

EasyPower OnSite™:

The Smart and Efficient Mobile Data Collection Choice.

EasyPower OnSite is a tablet-based, touch-friendly application that assists with electrical power system data collection in the field. The data collected with OnSite can be used by EasyPower to perform an analysis.

EasyPower EasySolv™:

Arc Flash Calculations and One-line Development in a Flash.
With many of the basic powerful features of EasyPower, EasySolv is a great place to start. Quickly and easily create detailed one-line diagrams, perform arc flash hazard calculations, and maintain system and safety documentation—all in one place.

EasyPower OneLine Designer™:

With the powerful one-line creation features of EasyPower, OneLine Designer is an affordable and effective solution for companies that need to create one-lines and enter data, but don’t need full analysis capabilities.

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